Pierre de Surgères

After a first trio album widely applauded, the pianist Pierre de Surgères confirms he's an original composer and a born improviser. Accompanied by Teun Verbruggen and Félix Zurstrassen, they dare a second opus full of surprises. Even if the first desire is to explore new territories, Pierre and his companions always make sure to tell a story. Thus, they present melodies that you keep in mind long after listening and a very personal sense of groove. One can detect the influences of Steve Coleman and Olivier Messiaen.

New Album

Zed (2017). 


12.06.18| Sounds Jazz Club 
07.09.18| La Marlagne 
03.10.18| LDH Allstars
21.12.18| Caféo Namur
08.02.19| Jazzstation 
22.02.19| Périscope (Lyon)
30.10.19| Pelzer Jazzclub


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